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New Year – 12 Things to consider letting go of

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The beauty of life is that we can all make changes at any time. Here are some habits worth letting go of, in the coming year or at any time. I write “worth letting go of” because change is a choice.  Consider the list below. I reckon they are worth letting go of: Do you?

1. Anger – It only breeds bad energy.

2. Bitterness – Actually ages people and brings on ill-health.

3. Clutter – De-cluttering promotes good energy. What’s that word again? Feng Shui.

4. Distractions – Focus. Set your goal / set a plan to achieve it and make progress.

5. Frivolous Spending – Hide that credit card, but not so well, that you can’t find it when you need it urgently!

6. Grudges – It’s one of the heaviest things people carry in life.

7. Junk Food – Not easy to cut out, but easy to cut down on.

8. Limiting Language – “Oh Yes, you can”  and if you think you can, you’re actually half way there.

9. Negative thoughts – They can blur your vision and hinder you from attracting the best. Remember the Law of Attraction.

10. …and of course Negative Friends – will always bring you down or drain you.

11. Procrastination – Read my post: 40 Procrastinating Excuse to get rid of.

12. Worry – Like a Rocking chair, gives you so much to do but never gets you anywhere. ~ Let Go and Let God.


One thing NEW to consider in the challenging times we live in, is to: Stand up for Something.

Have a wonderful 2015. ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶



Yes, You Are

Yes, You are…

  1. You are stronger than you think.
  2. You are not your struggles.
  3. You are beautiful.
  4. You are not a failure.
  5. You are Blessed.
  6. You are moving forward.
  7. You are Sweetness.
  8. You are Love.
  9. You are Amazing.
  10. You are going to achieve your dreams.

Don’t let anyone break your soul or cut you down with words. Never drop down to their level. Know deep down – you are better than that and destined to do great things.  Find your joy in life and continue to live it.

For help with Self Esteem – Sign up to my Self Esteem Online Course.

Walk confidently in the direction of your dreams. ♥

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Follow your Dreams – Keep the Passion

When I said follow your dreams, I meant:

1) Have Goals.

2) Motivate yourself. (read books etc)

3) Say Affirmations everyday.

4) Visualise yourself accomplishing your dreams / feel it.

5) Keep a reflection Journal of progress and write ideas in there too.

6) Study the lives of people who have been successful in the area of your dreams.

7) When people try to distract you saying: your dream is not possible, Don’t Give In

and keep the passion burning within.

I didn’t mean go back to bed, under the covers!! (◕‿◕)

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Can’t be a Success? Prove them Wrong

Some people don’t say it to spite you. They just talk from what they see going on in the economy.

 I humbly say:  Take your eyes off the Statistics of Failure


They say life is hard…

But there are people today buying houses, some with Cash.

They say life is difficult…

Everyday in every city, someone is starting a new Job or business.

They say we are in Recession…

Yet there are queues at the airport right now, of people jetting away for beautiful holidays.

It’s tough to live now…

But people are still moving in the fast lane with their brand New Porshe Cars, Jaguars, Alpha Romeos and brand new 4×4’s.


*•☆  So, whatever your goal is, be positive that you can make it in life and don’t look at The statistics of those who are are failing. In their own Time, they will find a way / the tools / the mindset to make it.

{10 Years ago, I left a well paid Admin Officer Job. I was tired of 9-5 and wanted more time to myself. I resigned to set up a small IT Training Business, simply teaching how to use Microsoft Packages. My Colleagues said I was Nuts!!  I sent 30 letters to Training Centres delivering IT training – Two replied and gave me contracts. That journey took me into Teaching in Colleges and more….however in between I had to do Short Teaching Courses. (one day a week). One of the best decisions of my Career.}


For every one who says you CAN’T, prove to them you CAN.

Take your eyes off Negative Statistics. Good luck.

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