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It Can Happen To Anyone

not enough


Life is unpredictable. The Homeless person you see today could be a Business Tycoon or very successful person in another area of life, in a few years time – but Hold that thought...

When people write quotes like the photo above, I think to myself, that it’s not enough to be grateful that we are not homeless BUT, we should make an effort to help such people. It could happen to anyone. A lot of people on the streets are graduates, people who had good jobs, but sadly either their house got repossessed or they got kicked out of their matrimonial home etc. Even if they are not graduates, they still deserve a comfortable life.

So, please consider any of the following:

a) Volunteering even just 1 or 2 hours a week to the homeless. Most Charities re-imburse transport costs.

b) Giving a donation, maybe £5 every other month, if things are tight.

c) Consider any other practical ways to help. 

Think of all the times people have helped you through life’s trials.

It’s time for us, to be that Miracle for someone else.  ❤


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Men in Sexy Heels



Poem – Men in Sexy Heels

Much respect to all  the guys in their high, kinky heels

Walking so confidently, they’ll soon know how it feels.  (◕‿◕)

They are all from Toronto, I saw them on the news

Supporting women who face violent abuse.


For The Charity: Walk a mile in her Shoes (US)

Well done, Guys!!

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