It Can Happen To Anyone

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Life is unpredictable. The Homeless person you see today could be a Business Tycoon or very successful person in another area of life, in a few years time – but Hold that thought...

When people write quotes like the photo above, I think to myself, that it’s not enough to be grateful that we are not homeless BUT, we should make an effort to help such people. It could happen to anyone. A lot of people on the streets are graduates, people who had good jobs, but sadly either their house got repossessed or they got kicked out of their matrimonial home etc. Even if they are not graduates, they still deserve a comfortable life.

So, please consider any of the following:

a) Volunteering even just 1 or 2 hours a week to the homeless. Most Charities re-imburse transport costs.

b) Giving a donation, maybe £5 every other month, if things are tight.

c) Consider any other practical ways to help. 

Think of all the times people have helped you through life’s trials.

It’s time for us, to be that Miracle for someone else.  ❤


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Can’t be a Success? Prove them Wrong

Some people don’t say it to spite you. They just talk from what they see going on in the economy.

 I humbly say:  Take your eyes off the Statistics of Failure


They say life is hard…

But there are people today buying houses, some with Cash.

They say life is difficult…

Everyday in every city, someone is starting a new Job or business.

They say we are in Recession…

Yet there are queues at the airport right now, of people jetting away for beautiful holidays.

It’s tough to live now…

But people are still moving in the fast lane with their brand New Porshe Cars, Jaguars, Alpha Romeos and brand new 4×4’s.


*•☆  So, whatever your goal is, be positive that you can make it in life and don’t look at The statistics of those who are are failing. In their own Time, they will find a way / the tools / the mindset to make it.

{10 Years ago, I left a well paid Admin Officer Job. I was tired of 9-5 and wanted more time to myself. I resigned to set up a small IT Training Business, simply teaching how to use Microsoft Packages. My Colleagues said I was Nuts!!  I sent 30 letters to Training Centres delivering IT training – Two replied and gave me contracts. That journey took me into Teaching in Colleges and more….however in between I had to do Short Teaching Courses. (one day a week). One of the best decisions of my Career.}


For every one who says you CAN’T, prove to them you CAN.

Take your eyes off Negative Statistics. Good luck.

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The Power of Appreciation


The Power of Appreciation

Appreciation goes along way in building healthy and happy relationships. People respect you or take to you because you make them feel important.

1) A Boss who says to his staff at the end of each day or week. “Thank you so much for all your help” will get the best out of staff and they’ll be more than willing to do an extra hours work, if ever the company has urgent deadlines. Ofcourse bonuses and Pay rises go a long way too.

2) A Parent who appreciates any little progress made at school or home by children, will bring out more of that child’s potential because the child will feel loved and would want to please more / do better.

3) Partners/Spouses who appreciate themselves and what they do for each other will always be happy and will constantly think of things to do, that will make each other happy. Remind your partner of how special they are to you. (◕‿◕)

4) A Business Owner should think of ways to appreciate customers, so when other competitors try to “snatch” them, the customers won’t be swayed.

There is a lady who cleans our office. Very quiet. Sometimes, I teach 6 – 9pm, so I see her. At Christmas and Easter, I give her gifts. The smile on her face Priceless!! She doesn’t expect it. (To me, she is just as important as other Colleagues and Directors). People never ever forget how good you make them feel, no matter how small and I am grateful to all who have made me feel the same way too.

Ps. Appreciation should never cease. Many relationships breakup because people no longer feel appreciated.


Obama doing the Fist Bump (respect sign) with one of his Staff.

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