Focus on your Blessings

focus on blessings


If Santa were to ask us what we wanted for Christmas. Some of us would list physical things… Perfumes, Vouchers, CDs, Technology gadgets, new car etc. Some of us would list situations we would like to see in our lives  (maybe travelling to see a loved one) – which shows we all still want things. When it doesn’t happen, sometimes we feel down.

But while waiting, expecting – Let’s focus on  what we do have…


** A Home  –  So many are still on the streets.

** Food   – Some can’t eat 2 meals a day and some  have to be fed through tubes.

** Family –  The most wonderful thing in the world. Many have lost loved ones this year. They never saw it coming.

** Nice Relationships – Some couples have world war 3 in their house every week.

** Jobs – Many are searching and frustrated and still can’t find one.

** Skills – If you have no Job, at least you’ve got good skills in something.

** Good Health – I don’t need to write much on this. You see what’s happening round the world. Many facing different health battles.

You know what you are blessed with…..   a Luxury home? a Car? Children who are not wayward and doing so well in school? a good business? Lovely friends? Wonderful other half and more.

As we focus on the good we have, more of that goodness will come.

 ☆҉‿  ☆҉‿


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