Answers are all around us

Do you know that some of the answers and ideas we are searching for in our minds, are actually around us?

Even a 4 year old child could say something to you and you would laugh and think “funny kid” but seconds later, a light bulb comes on in your head. (not always, but it does happen). It makes you think about something deeply.

You could get a brilliant idea or solution to a problem just by reading a magazine, watching the telly, just sitting down watching nature unfold (beach / sunrise / sunset), you could be cooking, you could be in the shower singing and then “bang!!” an idea hits you (◕‿◕), or simply walking – the list is endless.

Be open-minded and alert in your spirit – Tune in.

Blessings are all around us … often hiding in the most unlikely places!

☆҉‿  ☆҉‿



2 thoughts on “Answers are all around us

  1. This is beautiful, and true. I get my lightbulbs in the shower mostly. And I think it’s usually when you’re in a relaxed state. Great post!

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