When the Heart Bleeds

I should know….


A bleeding heart hurts more than physical pain…. In total darkness. Not even a spark showing at the end of the tunnel. A place where life just doesn’t seem to be worth living – what is there to live for anyway?  God seems to be on holiday, it’s not even worth facing the day….

 Where do you go from here?

You have to find the inner strength. Some things that can take your mind off the pain is reading. Also, listen to music or just leave music playing in the background. Go out, write, draw, read, spend time doing your hobbies. Any pets? Watch TV even though sometimes, you can’t really “see or hear” it. etc. Try not to isolate yourself from friends ♥ family.

Reflect on times when you got through difficult challenges. Out of no where, help came in ways you least expected. Keep playing those times back in your mind –  As a solution came back then, so also a solution will come now or soon.

A Bleeding heart will not bleed forever.  In a matter of Time, it will heal and  be Happy again.

This too shall pass – Keep Strong.

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