Where ever you are – Shine


Let your light Shine.

a) Be kind to people around you.

b) Always have a smile, not a face like thunder.

c) Don’t absorb any negative said about you. Shrug it off. With time the truth will be known.

d) Think of ways to improve situations. E.g your job, your relationships, anywhere you find yourself.

e) Find time to meditate as the inner you needs that peaceful time. If there is peace/joy on the inside, it will reflect on the outside.

f) Have a humble spirit. Proud people are quick to fall in life and many want to see it, but the humble will go so far, so quickly, as they attract lots of positive energy. Even God resists the Proud and gives grace to the humble.

g) When people come to you, ensure they leave in a better / happier frame of mind.


Bloom where you are planted. Let your name only be known for Good.

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