Flirting with the milk man again!


They say Jealousy can be healthy but to a point. Some men and women get very jealous. They can’t even bear their boyfriend looking at an attractive lady passing by.



a) If a lady chats to the milkman, partner says she is flirting. Meanwhile, she is having polite conversation. Good community Spirit.

b) A man was once smiling and chatting to a lady the girl friend had never met. True Story – She was fuming and with no hesitation, she walked up and slapped him, only to find out it was a distant relative. Ouch!!

c) A woman discovers a beautiful wrapped Jewelry gift box, hidden in her partners trousers (what was she looking for anyway?) Then goes to find him and lashes out. He gently, takes the box from her, unwraps and opens it. It’s a beautiful diamond watch and bracelet with the words inscribed “I Love you”  on it and her name.


Should he take the gift back? Mmmh… I’ll let you ponder.

Can we just put some trust in our relationships and not get all wound up, if a bee buzzes past our partner. Men admire women, Women admire men….. but not all partners are players. The admiration stops there. We can’t walk round in blindfolds. Choose to trust. If you keep on thinking they’ll cheat, your thinking might just attract that circumstance.  #LOA

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4 thoughts on “Flirting with the milk man again!

  1. Oh so true! If you can’t trust your partner, then either just end the relationship or work on yourself to discover what is causing the insecurity. Either which way, you can’t be miserable all the time. Great post.

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