Always part on Good Terms

This New Blog is part of which has been inspiring people from all over for about 2 years.  This is a place where I will partly write to myself and sometimes write for others. My first post is about Parting on Good Terms.

We are all human and at some point or another we might fall out with friends or family but it’s very important we make peace before we part. My mum’s abroad (was abroad) and I speak to her a lot on the phone. At the end of every call I say those precious words “I love you Mum” …….. only when I said it early this year, I never knew it would be for the last time. I dedicate this new blog to her and chose the Floral design because her name is Flora.

Always part on Good Terms, you just never know what life holds…

☆҉‿  ☆҉‿




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