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Can’t be a Success? Prove them Wrong

Some people don’t say it to spite you. They just talk from what they see going on in the economy.

 I humbly say:  Take your eyes off the Statistics of Failure


They say life is hard…

But there are people today buying houses, some with Cash.

They say life is difficult…

Everyday in every city, someone is starting a new Job or business.

They say we are in Recession…

Yet there are queues at the airport right now, of people jetting away for beautiful holidays.

It’s tough to live now…

But people are still moving in the fast lane with their brand New Porshe Cars, Jaguars, Alpha Romeos and brand new 4×4’s.


*•☆  So, whatever your goal is, be positive that you can make it in life and don’t look at The statistics of those who are are failing. In their own Time, they will find a way / the tools / the mindset to make it.

{10 Years ago, I left a well paid Admin Officer Job. I was tired of 9-5 and wanted more time to myself. I resigned to set up a small IT Training Business, simply teaching how to use Microsoft Packages. My Colleagues said I was Nuts!!  I sent 30 letters to Training Centres delivering IT training – Two replied and gave me contracts. That journey took me into Teaching in Colleges and more….however in between I had to do Short Teaching Courses. (one day a week). One of the best decisions of my Career.}


For every one who says you CAN’T, prove to them you CAN.

Take your eyes off Negative Statistics. Good luck.

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Where ever you are – Shine


Let your light Shine.

a) Be kind to people around you.

b) Always have a smile, not a face like thunder.

c) Don’t absorb any negative said about you. Shrug it off. With time the truth will be known.

d) Think of ways to improve situations. E.g your job, your relationships, anywhere you find yourself.

e) Find time to meditate as the inner you needs that peaceful time. If there is peace/joy on the inside, it will reflect on the outside.

f) Have a humble spirit. Proud people are quick to fall in life and many want to see it, but the humble will go so far, so quickly, as they attract lots of positive energy. Even God resists the Proud and gives grace to the humble.

g) When people come to you, ensure they leave in a better / happier frame of mind.


Bloom where you are planted. Let your name only be known for Good.

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Flirting with the milk man again!


They say Jealousy can be healthy but to a point. Some men and women get very jealous. They can’t even bear their boyfriend looking at an attractive lady passing by.



a) If a lady chats to the milkman, partner says she is flirting. Meanwhile, she is having polite conversation. Good community Spirit.

b) A man was once smiling and chatting to a lady the girl friend had never met. True Story – She was fuming and with no hesitation, she walked up and slapped him, only to find out it was a distant relative. Ouch!!

c) A woman discovers a beautiful wrapped Jewelry gift box, hidden in her partners trousers (what was she looking for anyway?) Then goes to find him and lashes out. He gently, takes the box from her, unwraps and opens it. It’s a beautiful diamond watch and bracelet with the words inscribed “I Love you”  on it and her name.


Should he take the gift back? Mmmh… I’ll let you ponder.

Can we just put some trust in our relationships and not get all wound up, if a bee buzzes past our partner. Men admire women, Women admire men….. but not all partners are players. The admiration stops there. We can’t walk round in blindfolds. Choose to trust. If you keep on thinking they’ll cheat, your thinking might just attract that circumstance.  #LOA

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The Attractions of Obesity

Food Industry partly to blame.

There is nothing wrong in being a Plus size, but there is a certain weight that affects health adversely. Chemicals in our food, make the body get big so quickly. The Food Industry inject Chickens with beef and pork waste etc They have a lot to answer for.  Example:

a) Flavoured Crisps / Noodles with flavour. These have MSG Monosodium Glutamate, which is also found in McDonalds and KFC. (An experiment – directly injecting MSG into rats, increased their appetite and induced obesity in the rats.)

b) Sugar, is not bad. It’s just too much of it. Example, more than 12 teaspoons a day. Watch daily intake of juice, chocolate, lemonade, soft drinks, biscuits and even ketchup, as they can all add up….and before people know it, they have attracted some of the problems in the photo above.

 Keep Healthy.

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Will you Let the World change your Smile?

(Photo – Aishwarya Rai)


Will you Let the World blow out the Light within?


I remember it so well. I was out with a very funny friend of mine and she dropped me off at home. I was still smiling and laughing to myself as I opened the door and remember thinking, that if my neighbours saw me, they would wonder why I was laughing all by myself.

As I closed the door, I saw a letter from my Mortgage company and immediately my smile went. I thought to myself “What now?!” and was beginning to feel flustered, as I had issues with them earlier in the year. I opened it and found out it was just a statement. Deep Sigh of relief but my smile never returned until later on.

That happens to many of us. Sometimes people or situations get to us and

  • it takes away our joy.
  • our lovely smile.
  • our peace of mind.
  • sometimes even our good health, but let’s not allow it.



“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” ~ Emory Austin

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The Power of Appreciation


The Power of Appreciation

Appreciation goes along way in building healthy and happy relationships. People respect you or take to you because you make them feel important.

1) A Boss who says to his staff at the end of each day or week. “Thank you so much for all your help” will get the best out of staff and they’ll be more than willing to do an extra hours work, if ever the company has urgent deadlines. Ofcourse bonuses and Pay rises go a long way too.

2) A Parent who appreciates any little progress made at school or home by children, will bring out more of that child’s potential because the child will feel loved and would want to please more / do better.

3) Partners/Spouses who appreciate themselves and what they do for each other will always be happy and will constantly think of things to do, that will make each other happy. Remind your partner of how special they are to you. (◕‿◕)

4) A Business Owner should think of ways to appreciate customers, so when other competitors try to “snatch” them, the customers won’t be swayed.

There is a lady who cleans our office. Very quiet. Sometimes, I teach 6 – 9pm, so I see her. At Christmas and Easter, I give her gifts. The smile on her face Priceless!! She doesn’t expect it. (To me, she is just as important as other Colleagues and Directors). People never ever forget how good you make them feel, no matter how small and I am grateful to all who have made me feel the same way too.

Ps. Appreciation should never cease. Many relationships breakup because people no longer feel appreciated.


Obama doing the Fist Bump (respect sign) with one of his Staff.

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Make Peace with your Past


☆҉‿ Forget the words that cut like knives.

Forget those you opened your heart to and they stamped all over it.

Forget those who repaid you terribly, for all the good you did.

The deceit that was given for your unwavering trust.

Release it all without looking back – face the future with renewed hope

and as you hope for the best, you will definitely attract it.  


☆҉‿  ☆҉‿